Operating Mode

The ELASTOTEC® HVL-Dispenser is opened by removing the cap and mounted to the greasing point. Grease output starts immediately. The spring drive is controlled by the elastomere break. This ensures the medium's delivery to the grease point within the time lap as defined.


The ELASTOTEC® HVL-Dispenser is used for single-point greasing at ball and bush bearings, gearings, check rails, etc.

The range of applications includes applications in engineering industries, steel mills and automotive plants, mining industries, etc.

Performance And Advantages

  • Fully automated single point lubricant dispenser
  • Immediately starting without battery, chemicals, acids
  • Patent-registred dispensing technology
  • Maintenance-free
  • Works irrespectable of its position
  • Works underwater
  • Environment-friendly waste removal

Technical Data (Excerpt)

Contents *
High Temperature Grease KP2R-30
(Universal lubricant for all applications from -30°C to +170°C)
125 cm³
Dispense Time Lap *
6 Month
max. Operating Pressure
1 bar
Mechanically dispensing
Ø 67 mm x 150 mm
G ¼“
360 grams
Range of Temperature
-10°C - +40°C / 14°F -104°F

* Other dispense time laps or contents as mentioned upon request.